Ambrane power bank review

Power banks have found quite an important role in our everyday lives, thanks to the mobile phones and other electronic devices becoming a necessity. They help you to store and carry power wherever you go so that you don’t lose out on your connection with the world at any point. There are quite a few varying power banks in the markets, each offering one feature above the other. The latest to join this race is the Ambrane power bank P-1310.

Ambrane power bank review

Ambrane is the latest entrant into the electronics industry and has products priced quite nominally across the country. With a battery power of 13000 mAh, the Ambrane power bank P-1310 is quite lighter in weight and is available in the colors of black & white and blue & white. You can even buy this power bank from the online shops and is powered by lithium ion batteries from Samsung. When compared with other similar power banks at similar pricing, you will find that the conversion rate of this power bank is quite decent, at 75%-80%. And the price is quite affordable too.

Ambrane Power Bank P-1310 White and Blue

With one port for charging and two for discharging, it definitely has a huge edge over its competitors at the same price range. It is probably one of its kinds to have two discharging ports at this price range for most of the power banks in this price will come with only one discharging port.  It also has a LED torch which you can make use of at critical times, like when you are on a night trek or you are suddenly cut away from electricity.  The LED indicators to know the level of power that is available in the power bank makes it easy for you to know when to charge them.


  • You can charge two devices at the same time because it has two discharging ports.
  • LED indicators to know the battery level at any time.
  • The lithium ion battery from Samsung used in this power bank is well known for its durability and safety.
  • The battery is also good in terms of performance and energy.
  • It is quite compact and lighter in weight.
  • Compatible with almost all leading mobile models.


  • It takes a longer time to charge the devices.
  • Also one needs to be careful when plugging in their smart phone into the 2.1V port for if the phone cannot handle the high voltage it can end up damaged.

For someone who would want a charger that will work anywhere, the Ambrane Power bank P-1310 is definitely a good option to own at the price it is offered. However, you have to be careful on the output voltage specifications as mentioned in your travel adapter and for your smart phones before plugging them in. It may not have all the features of some of the leading and most sought out power banks, but it definitely packs a good punch of power for a power bank.