Best split ac in india reviews

Best Air conditioner in India

Summer heat is on. So planning to buy an AC ? but cannot decide on which is the Best AC in India ? Then read complete review here to finalize on the perfect Air conditioner by reading post on Best split ac in India reviews.

There are many factors to consider before buying a split Air conditioner. Firstly decide on if it is for office use or home purpose. Because for AC for office have to run longer periods and also during day time mostly, so it must be heavy duty and must be able to run well even in 50 degrees temperature. Where as AC for home purpose need not be of heavy duty as they mostly run in night time. If you want to run the air conditioner on day at home , then go for heavy duty copper condenser unit.

Condenser Coil Material

  • Copper – This is must. because if any damage happens to condenser, then a copper condensor can be welded and reused. Whereas this is not possible with aluminium. Condenser is the costlier part of the AC. it costs around 10000 rupees. So click here to see best Split AC with 100% copper condenser
  • Aluminium  – A big NO. If its damaged , then have to replace the condenser at cost of over ten thousand rupees.