Epson L360 review – See why its best Color Inkjet Printer

Gone are the days when you went in search of internet centers to take a printout. With school and college projects constantly demanding printouts and graphs on paper, there is an imminent need for a printer to get what you need from your laptop in just a click. In fact, if you work out the cost you will see that owning a printer will cost you lesser than running to a print shop for getting the documents printed in longer run.

Epson L360 review

Technology is ever changing bringing in new innovations giving you the best output at every turn and printers are no exception to this. Quite a few brands have come up with some of the most innovative technology in building unique and advanced printing machines. Epson has come up with a spectacularly competitive printer, the Epson L 360 color inkjet printer. With the Epson L 360 in the workflow, you can definitely depend on a higher productivity. Be it for a household use or for your office, you can trust Epson L 360 work seamlessly and at a cost that is beneficial to you too.

Epson L 360 Color Inkjet Printer – ultra high performance printer

Epson has been well known for their innovative thinking in terms of printer technology with their ink tank systems and the L360 model is the latest advanced addition to this line. The printer does not just save you money but it also saves you effort improving your productivity with unbelievable printing speeds. When you have a lot of printing to do, you don’t want to keep halting in between your jobs to fill in the ink or change cartridges. The Epson L360 brings to you the best way to keep the printing going on while there is no messy fill ups or any interruption whatsoever.


  • Superior and high quality printouts guaranteed in no time.
  • Apart from printing, you can also scan and copy with this printer.
  • It can easily print 4000 pages at a stretch and is quite compact and light in weight.
  • The ink top technology ensures that the refill doesn’t end up in messy tables.
  • Highly durable and can print up to 33 pages per minute for black and white drafts.
  • A warrant period of 1 year leaves you safe.
  • Exceptional and high resolution for a better output.
  • A color printer which is compatible with all OS.


While there is no specific drawback one can see several reviews stating that the customer received defective product. It is always better to buy your printer from renowned and reputed dealers. If you do receive defective products, then you can contact Epson who can help repair or replace them accordingly.

The Epson L360 is designed to occupy lesser space making it an easy fit anywhere. Also the print resolution is of absolute best at this pricing and the yield is also equally great. The ink tank system from Epson is time tested and it works well with this printer as well. Do remember to order it from a reputed place to ensure that your product is not outdated or defective.