Givson Guitar review

If your interest in music is recent and you have just started taking guitar lessons, then you would want to buy a guitar that will suit for a beginner. Now when it comes to getting a first guitar, there are two things that you need to consider foremost. One of them is the cost which should fit into your budget and the second one is it is easily replaceable. For the initial practice sessions, you need a semi-electric acoustic guitar that gives you all that you need to kick off and lasts for a longer period of time over multiple hours of practice sessions.

Givson Guitar review

When you are looking for quality guitars at an affordable price in the Indian subcontinent, then Givson is a name sure to come up in the enquiries. Givson is a known name for manufacturers of guitars, and are known for their quality and affordability. The Givson, a name off the famous brand Gibson, keep coming up with new and innovative guitars to produce the best music, especially for the beginners. The Givson Venus Super special is definitely something to look out for. Read on to know more about the Givson Venus Super special guitar.

Givson Venus Super Special, 6-Strings, Semi-Electric Guitar, Right-Handed, Black, With Guitar Cover/Bag

The Givson Venus Super Special comes with knobs to control the volume and the tone and has a glossy finish on the entire body. The guitar is 41 inches in length, making it a jumbo guitar and comes with a rosewood finish on the bridge and the fingerboard. The top is constructed of pine wood while the neck and the body are finished in red cedar. The black finish with the chrome keys makes it more stylish and this is definitely a good buy at the price it is offered at. The guitar has 20 frets and comes with a guitar cover and bag to keep it safe when you are not playing it.


  • A better guitar best suitable for beginners in music.
  • Affordably priced and offers a good volume and tone.
  • The colors of black and chrome with the glossy look makes it more appealing and modern.
  • In built pick up in this semi-electric instrument.


  • Life time is not longer for as you move up the levels, you will need to replace it.
  • Thin sound boxes and hence acoustics may not be as per expectations.
  • You might be cheated if you do not buy them from a trusted source.

When you are buying a guitar, especially when you are a beginner, you would want something that is affordable and easily replaceable. In that account, Givson guitars are definitely a good buy. But if you are looking for some professional playing and good solid acoustics, then you can go for some up end models which will cost you more. You need a guitar that will not react to the Indian weather conditions, loosening your string, and when it comes to quality, Givson definitely lives up to the expectations. Buy it in person so that you can check out the strings or from trusted source to get a worthy product.