Goqii review – Best Life Fitness Band with Personal Coaching

Fitness is all the rage right now with people looking for better and more advanced ways to keep track of their fitness and health. Fitness trackers have therefore flooded the market with varying features offering to do some really vital health tracking on your behalf. Every fitness tracker keeps track of the multiple activities that you do like walking or jogging and churns up huge amount of data every day.  But if you are not equipped with the knowledge on how to use this data, then the presence of the fitness tracker is not making any difference to you. And the GoQii promises to change this and give you a motivational personal coach to keep up with your fitness regime.

Goqii review

The Goqii fitness band is referred to as the complete health ecosystem by its manufacturers for it does not just give you data, but it also gives you the assistance of a personal coach to motivate you in achieving your results. It is a comprehensive solution aimed at shifting the users to a permanently healthy lifestyle. It is an innovation in its truest sense for it involves innovation in every aspect of the product from logistics to marketing.

GOQii Life Fitness Band with Personal Coaching (No separate charger. Integrated USB charger present on device)

The GoQii goes beyond just being a fitness band on your arm but acts as a friend to help you achieve your fitness goals. It comes with a lot of features bound to inspire you.


  • Lighter in weight, the band fits easily onto your arms and you don’t feel it pulling you down.
  • The band continues to work even after the subscription ends. The only thing that disconnects at the end of subscription is your personal coaching.
  • A comprehensive solution to all your health and fitness woes.
  • Integrated USB charger which can be connected to any device like a laptop to charge it.
  • Your data is reviewed by a certified doctor at regular intervals.
  • A personal coach to motivate you on your fitness goals.
  • Can be connected to your smart phone.
  • The battery lasts for 14 days after charging.
  • A health locker to keep track of all your records including medical history and prescription details.
  • Tracks your steps, sleeping pattern, number of calories burned and more.
  • Large display in OLED for notifications on sms, whatsapp and email or calls.

While there aren’t any drawbacks or negative reviews on this fitness tracker, there are very few customers who have complained on receiving a faulty product. It is therefore advisable to get this product from renowned and reputed distributor to ensure authenticity.

The GoQii fitness band fits in with any kind of smart phone and is easy to use for anyone. In this day and age when we are unable to keep track of everything, this life fitness band from GoQii is an innovative product designed to keep track of your health in your stead and it does that with finesse.


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