Hindware chimney review

Chimneys have become an integral part of every kitchen. But if you look back into history you will find that man has always found a way to vent the smoke from the kitchens through multiple ways. The design has changed over time and has improved as well. The latest chimney models ensure that there is no smoke or any other kind of residue left behind in the kitchen walls as you cook.

Hindware chimney review

If you are finding the aroma in your kitchen really invading your nostrils, and not letting you focus on the cooking, then you need to have a chimney that can remove the pungent odor from your kitchen. You need to let the smoke out but the traditional in-built vents are not highly reliable and involve a lot of cleaning in regular intervals. To ensure that your kitchen is free of smoke and other residue from kitchen, you can trust the modern chimneys that does not only absorb all the smell and smoke but are also aesthetically appealing with your kitchen décor. The Hindware chimneys with their futuristic and effective design ensure that you don’t suffer from the pungent smells of cooking and ensures that your cook top is not splattered with ash residue.

Hindware Cleo 90 Chimney (90 cm, 1200 m3/h, Silver)

The hindware chimneys are highly compatible without a voltage stabilizer and come with a sleek design that will fit into every modern kitchen. The hood in perfect and royal white color will easily match up with the interior of any modular or modern kitchen and the design of the chimney makes it easy for you to clean and maintain it. Unlike the conventional chimneys, the Hindware Cleo 90 chimney is quite easy to handle in terms of cleaning and is quite effective in absorbing the smoke from the kitchen as well.


  • The silver finishing on the chimney makes it a desirable color combination in any color themed kitchen.
  • There is a touch control for the speed which is highly futuristic in nature.
  • There are three speeds to manage an efficient suction of the smoke and the air.
  • The hood ensures that the noise level is minimal and is quite competitive while working.
  • Firm and sturdy blower removes all smoke and pungent odors from your kitchen efficiently.
  • Optimized suction capacity to give you the best result.
  • Comes with auto clean facility.


  • Slightly noisier but the suction power makes up for it.
  • There is no clear demarcation of the installation charges and it seems to vary from place to place and based on the technicians.
  • You have to check if the warranty is still valid even if you have it installed from an outsider.

Also there have been quite a few complaints on the level of customer support provided by the company on the product.

The drawback can be easily fixed for it is not to do with the product itself but with the service support. Again, these are isolated instances and we cannot derive any conclusion from them. Overall a good value for money!

Hindware Cleo 60 Chimney (60 cm, 1200 m3/h, Silver)

Designed in an elegant silver inox finish, this chimney will fit your kitchen perfectly well if you have a similar theme or not running in your kitchen décor. The chimney uses stainless steel in its construction which ensures a sturdy build while the blower is powerful enough to remove any odor from the kitchen effectively. It also comes with an illustration guide to help those who would want to do the installation themselves and is quite easy to set up. The auto clean facility only adds on to the appeal. It is a chimney well designed for smaller kitchens.


  • Optimized usage of power to ensure that you get a good suction at a lesser power bill.
  • There is no need to struggle in the heat and smoke anymore for the chimney sucks it all in no time.
  • It also has a very effective blower that lets out the unwanted smoke without harming your nostrils.
  • Wall mounted and hence there is no need to worry about space.
  • Competitively priced for an auto clean chimney.
  • Touch based speed control to manage the suction speed.


  • The vibrations when the unit operates at the top speed are quite high.
  • The pot for collecting liquids is made of acrylic and does not have a warranty attached to it.
  • Installation technicians are not on par and after sale support is not quite on par either.
  • The chimney is quite noisy in contrary to its claims.

While there are quite a few complaints on the noise and vibration levels related to the product, one can safely say that these chimneys are by far the best option in compared to the legacy ones. However, for a better product you can go for high end versions which will cost you that bit more.