Best Sandwich maker in India

Sandwiches have become one of the most sought out breakfast item and hence the rising importance of sandwich maker in every household. Also it saves you time, effort, space and offers you the perfect breakfast every day.  With little to no maintenance, these serve as an effective tool for a healthy breakfast in no time.

Types of Sandwich makers

The sandwich makers have also undergone a multitude of changes with the evolving technology. They can be broadly classified into two types.

  1. 4 triangle model: This is the most common of the lot and is also the most popular in the Indian market. They generally have two slots for placing your bread, with square plates cut in middle to form equal triangles on both sides. They heat up the bread to make the best and tasty sandwiches in a jiffy.
  2. Panini press model: These are quite popular in the western countries than in India. It has a combination of a sandwich maker with grill and normal plates. All you need to do is place the bread in between the plain plates or the square grills and close the machine. The bread will be ready in minutes. These are also used for making pancakes, paninis, kebabs, patties, etc.

Factors to consider before buying a sandwich maker

With quite a few brands flooding the market, you need to know how to choose the right sandwich maker so that your day begins with a good breakfast. Here are some factors to bear in mind before buying a sandwich maker.

  • Features: While the basic features like LED indicator, non stick coating, grill or plates for two breads, etc. will match among the sandwich makers, you can also look out for other features that makes it a more pliable one for you. For instance, you will find that the Prestige gives you bigger size plates for breads or that Nova gives you the temperature control option.
  • Brands: Of course, the brand name does matter for you need something that will also provide you with a good service/maintenance post purchase. If you are looking for a good after sales service, go for trusted brands like Bajaj, Philips, Prestige, etc. It will do well for you to research and see the customer reviews on after sales support when you buy any product.
  • Cost: This definitely will be your deciding factor. While the price range of many sandwich makers will be somewhat in the same range, do ensure that you get value for your money. If you are looking for the cheapest of the lot with all the required features, then you should check out the products from the brand Pigeon like Pigeon Egnite sandwich grill or Pigeon Grill toaster black.

Different brands of sandwich makers

Let us now take a look at leading sandwich maker brands in the market.

Prestige: There are no second thoughts when it comes to this brand. With a non stick coating, these are quite easy to use and clean. Since it has a grill feature and a non stick coat, there is no need for you to use any oil and paves way for a healthy cooking.  Completely safe for use and does not consume much power. It is also compact in size making it easy to fit into your kitchen. Also,

  1. Prestige is also one of the few brands which provide you with both a single and a double sandwich maker models in varieties.
  2. The griller models like the PGMFS and PGMFB will allow you to grill bread and other food items like fish, paneer, etc.
  3. The Prestige Electrical Commercial grill toaster is of stainless steel make for those who are looking for a non-plastic option.

You will find that Prestige gives you a product for every kind of requirement you have. A very common shortcoming in these products as cited by many customers is the length of the connection cord, which is quite short. This is a non-issue once you have an extension cord in place.

Philips: Perfect for your morning hustle to rustle up the best breakfast, this sandwich maker easily falls in the range of everyone’s budget. Elegantly designed, these sandwich makers come with nonstick coated plates like the many sandwich makers paving way for a hassle free cleaning. Along with this, the Philips brand also features,

  1. Push down lock system for a better closed cooking.
  2. Cord winder for keeping the cord tucked in.
  3. Anti skid feet to keep the machine from slipping on your countertop.

The only downside is that they don’t have an auto off feature. Again you can opt for other brands like Morphy Richards if required at a slightly higher price. But analysis shows that customers who have sandwich makers with auto off feature are not exactly happy about it. Otherwise, this brand is definitely a take home one for any household.

Nova: With fixed grill plates, these sandwich makers are quite easy to use and the separable plates in a few models just add on to the easy for removing the sandwiches once done. The nonstick coating only aids further in cleaning and now making flame broiled, delectable sandwiches is quite easy. Some of the other features include easy to wind up cord and the less space consumption with the vertical storage option. The temperature control knob that you find with Nova sandwich makers are quite innovative and is not found in every brand.

The only problem with this brand is that it is designed for every kitchen but the plug in point suits only European household.  This is easily solvable with a suitable adapter and is definitely not a showstopper.

Bajaj: Constructed only in premium materials of supreme quality, the sandwich makers from Bajaj also come with easily detachable plates. Designed to keep your attention riveted on them, these sandwich makers come with a covering plate of nonstick material ensuring that the bread stays in the contraption as it gets toasted. And the handle is made to be cooler to touch even when the bread is quite hot. The other features like anti skid feet, cord winder and 2 year warranty period are a standard in every sandwich maker from Bajaj. Easy to lift around for it is made of fiber plastic, they are easily portable with the handle.

There aren’t any negative comments or reviews on this brand other than a few where the product received was not up to the mark. To avoid such instances, it would do good to order from a reputed and authorized dealer.

Morphy Richards: If you are looking for some affordable sandwich makers then Morphy will definitely top the list with unbelievable features in this price range. It does require a little maintenance to ensure the longevity of the product but nevertheless it has completely bedazzled the customers with the ready to cook features and compact stature. While they are slightly on the expensive side, they give value for money and can give you a uniformly cooked and grilled sandwich in no time. There is also a preheat option which makes it easy for you to cook faster.

The only flipside to these amazing sandwich makers are that they are not equipped to multitask which again is not a big issue if you are only looking to make sandwiches grilled or plain.

Pigeon: User friendly and safe, this is a perfect addition to any kitchen table. There are no limitations on the kind or variety of bread you can use in this machine and with the nonstick coating it is quite easy to clean. Elegantly designed these come with a light indicator for once the task is completed. Preheating option is another factor that works considerably in favor of these sandwich makers. These are the most affordable of the entire range of sandwich makers in the country and they offer you quite the value for the price you pay.  They also come with a 1 year warranty.

The only fact you need to bear in mind is that they could be slightly cumbersome to work with larger breads and if you are looking for every day prolonged use, then this plastic body might give in early than usual.

Whatever be the brand you buy, one has to remember that they do so from a reputed, authorized and well recognized dealer. If not, you might end up with a cheaper product that will not live up to your expectations. Also make sure that when you buy you get the warranty card for products like Pigeon, Nova, etc. to ensure that your investment is protected. Choose the machine wisely and begin the day with a healthy breakfast every day.

Philips sandwich maker

With sandwich makers becoming an integral part of our everyday morning hustle-bustle, you need the equipment that you can place your trust on. Philips is a well known brand in the world of electronics and is quite known for its reliability in their products.  Most of the Philips products place the safety of its consumers on the top of the list while also ensuring that the equipments do not take more time than necessary in its maintenance. All the sandwich makers from this renowned brand feature the push down lock system emphasizing on the fact that the company takes its customer’s safety quite seriously.

Features of Philips sandwich makers

While the features of every model will have some uniqueness to it, there are quite a few features which are very common across the multiple Philips models. These features are what define the products and the brand in itself. Let us take a look.

  1. The Push down lock system: This is available in all the models, which ensures that the sandwich or the Panini maker is completely shut off from outer world while the cooking is in progress. This also ensures that you will not be subjected to any harm in case you happen to come in contact with the sandwich maker while it is hot and is on.
  2. Cord winder: Often times, the cords which come with electrical equipments have to be wrapped around or bunched up when the machine is not in use which can cause serious damage to the cord itself. However, in case of the Philips models, whether it is the HD2394 or HD2388, there is a cord winder to wind up the cord after use into the system itself.
  3. Design: The models in Philips are not just designed to ensure your convenience but they are also designed to make your kitchen looking more elegant than before. Black is a generic color which blends into any kitchen and these Philips models come in compact design and can be stored vertically in any place making them the best choice for any kitchen.
  4. Anti-skid feet: All the models in the Philips make, HD2393, HD2394, HD2388 have been equipped with a rubber feet at the bottom to ensure that they stay fit in the place while you are making your awesome sandwiches.
  5. Good power: Whether it is the 800 W or the 820W, you find a good heating power and the sandwiches are made in no time at all. And the heating goes on consistently to give you faster and better breakfast.

And with the nonstick coating, these models make it easy for you to clean and maintain them. There aren’t many shortcomings with regards to these products. The cords might be slightly shorter in length which can be a problem if you have to reach for an outlet at a height. Use an extension cord if required. Philips has everything to offer for anyone who wants a good sandwich for breakfast. Whether you want a single sandwich maker or a plain toast or a grilled sandwich, you will find a model to fit in your requirements with one of the models. Do ensure that you get it from an authorized dealer to avoid poor quality or used old models sold to you at the same price as the new one.


Nova Sandwich maker

Nova is a company which vows to provide quality appliances for the kitchens all over the world. Their products have always been innovative and are quite known for their efficiency and productivity. Being a global player in the industry, they are well recognized for meeting the needs of every customer across the globe. And among the multiple different appliances for the kitchen, Nova also makes top class sandwich makers. Their products come in a very elegant eye catchy design destined to blend into your kitchen while not occupying too much of a space.

Let us take a look at some of the main features of these sandwich makers from Nova.

  1. Vertical storage: More often than not consumers put off the purchase of any appliance for they don’t have the sufficient storage space to keep them. With the Nova sandwich makers, this worry is completely eliminated as all of their products can be lifted with ease and stored vertically occupying as little space as possible.
  2. Nonstick coating: Another constant worry that plagues the cooks or the people who maintain a home is the cleaning. And Nova definitely ensures that you don’t spend anymore than required in the kitchen by offering nonstick coating on all their sandwich makers which hardly requires a simple tissue wipe off for cleaning. Also the nonstick coating implies that there is no need for butter, oil or any form of greasing to make your sandwich crisp and tasty.
  3. Powerful performance: All of the sandwich makers from Nova make use of high Wattage which helps make sandwiches faster and ensure that you are on your way to work or study with a content mind and a full stomach. Even the simplest Nova NGS comes with 1000W.
  4. Safety must: Another factor that many of us look forward to in a sandwich maker is their ability to keep the user safe. In that context, Nova does bring the locking facility for the lid with the heating plates and a cool to touch handle even when the unit is on to make sure that you stay safe while your sandwich is being made for you.
  5. Temp control: Most of these are quite common among the leading brand of Sandwich makers like the Philips, Prestige, etc. What really makes Nova stand out is their innovation and technique which you can find in none other. This is easily seen with the temperature control knob that you will find in the models like Nova NT 233 HDG. So you can now tune the crispiness to your likes with this sandwich maker.

Nova has been quite unique in providing excellent customer oriented products and is well known for it across the globe. They have clear understanding on what the consumer desires and this is evident in the Nova NT 233 which comes with expandable plates. So now you can have your fill of sandwich with as many fillings you want.

And when there is light, there has to be a shadow and in case of Nova, the only shadow is the fact that their models are designed for European kitchens and hence feature a European plug point. This can be easily sorted out with a simple adapter.  Rest assured, the Nova Sandwich makers are indeed a great addition to your kitchen.


Pigeon Sandwich maker

Pigeon is a brand known for providing solutions to ease up the kitchen work in every household with its modern cookware and appliances. They have everything under their banner from chimneys to a simple juicer and most of their products are in the easily affordable range. This flagship brand from Stovekraft Pvt Ltd is one of the largest manufacturers of kitchen appliances in the country and the sandwich makers from the brand are one of its kinds too.

If you are looking for a cheaper and yet a quality sandwich maker, then your best bet would be to check out the options from the Pigeon. Known for modern innovative machines to enhance your kitchen experience, these sandwich makers come at an unbelievable price and features,

  1. Safe and user friendly features with nonstick coated plates for easy cleaning.
  2. Sturdy heat resistant material in the make.
  3. Lesser oil consumption ensuring a healthy breakfast or a brunch or even a simple supper.
  4. Provides you the freedom to use different kind of breads and either toast or grill them as you need.
  5. Anti skid feet to ensure that the machine doesn’t get pushed off while heating.
  6. A lid lock system to keep the heat from spilling out while the sandwich is cooking and also ensuring the safety of the user.
  7. Cord winder available to wind up the machine when not in use and store it compact.
  8. One year warranty available from the manufacturer.
  9. Unique pre-heating option to heat up the appliance prior to making sandwich so that you can make your sandwiches in even lesser time.

Elegant finish and available in colors like orange, you also get to enjoy a faster cooking time with these sandwich makers. Of course there are a few points that you need to note in reference to these sandwich makers like,

  1. Plastic body is not exactly durable for a longer duration with prolonged usage and hence you would want to consider the one with the steel body.
  2. Grill plates are fixed. But given the nonstick coating you should not be feeling a lot of pressure cleaning the plates even without removing them.
  3. Might be a tough task fitting in large sandwich breads but is a easy fit for regular size breads used mostly in the houses.

When it comes to cheaper household appliances, no one can beat the price offered by Pigeon and it is the same for these sandwich makers too. And the features are not compromised in any manner and they competed on par with the many industry leaders too. It would be wise to ensure that you order the product from a known and trusted dealer so that you are not cheated with a cheap replacement or you are robbed off the promised warranty.

Morphy Richards Sandwich maker

The Morphy Richards appliances come with the most innocent and innovative designs revealing nothing of their ability to serve as you wish. The sandwich makers are no exception. If you are looking at the innocuous looking sandwich maker from Morphy Richards and wonder if it will ever live up to its claims, then you are in for a sweet surprise. With a definitive 2 year warranty, these are well worth the money you pay them. They may not be as cheap as the Pigeon brand sandwich makers but they are not overly expensive like the Nova brand appliances either. They fall in the mid range and is quite affordable to many.

Models available in Morphy Richards

You have both the plain toasting models and grill models from this renowned brand. You will know if your chosen sandwich maker is with a grill option or not by simply looking at the name for the Griller will have a “G” affixed to the model number.

Some of the common aspects that you would find in many of the Morphy Richards sandwich makers include,

  1. Nonstick coating to ensure that you have a stain free plates for easy cooking and an easy maintenance. And the coating is of the best quality.
  2. There are light indicators on top of the machine to give you the understanding on the progress of your cooking.
  3. The grill plates are designed to give you a uniform and even grilling on your sandwich making for a tasty meal.
  4. Easily portable, the handle makes way for easy to carry and easy storage.
  5. You can preheat the toaster and once the green light goes off, you know you have the right heat for making your sandwiches.

Of course, that is not all. There is a two year warranty from the manufacturer, so if you are not pleased with the product, you can always get it replaced. But there haven’t been many instances of displeased customers.

On the downside, there are a few things that you should bear in mind when you buy the product from Morphy Richards. If you are buying a griller, then you cannot toast and vice versa. The equipments are not equipped to multi task. However, given the value for money proposition that you get from the brand, you can be rest assured on getting perfect, crisp, uniformly grilled or toasted sandwiches every day for a longer period.

Bajaj Sandwich maker

Bajaj is a known name in the household appliances industry for its easy to use and innovative equipment's. They have strived hard and continue to do so to provide products that will simplify your daily work at home and help you save time for other interests. Sandwich makers from Bajaj are also efficient in living up to the brand’s reputation in this regard. Let us check out reasons (or features) as to why Bajaj sandwich makers can easily be your companion for a crispy toasted sandwich.

Features of the Bajaj Sandwich makers

There are quite a few features with Bajaj sandwich makers which make it a better option for your household.

  1. They are all made in line with the latest technology and a design to capture the attention of the onlooker. Even the white SWX4 looks majestic in its look rivaling that of the SWX8’s grey look.
  2. The price falls well within the affordable range for many and they are quite evenly priced between different models as well.
  3. All of the products come with a uniform 2 year warranty period from the manufacturer which speaks volumes on the confidence they have on their products.
  4. All the sandwich makers come with a cord winder to wind up the cord and can be easily stored upright in a confined space.
  5. Anti skid feet ensures a greater stability on any cooking counter.
  6. Nonstick coating on the toaster plates for easy and healthy cooking and easy cleaning.
  7. It is highly durable and the fiber plastic makes for a lighter weight, easy to carry around.

While it is definitely easy to clean with the nonstick coating, if you still find it tough, try to use a wet tissue to remove any spill over. Most of these features are shared by many other brands but with Bajaj, you know that you will get what you are promised for sure. This is quite evident from the raving customer reviews. The design is quite modern in its take and hence will only enhance the appearance of your kitchen. The buckle clip and the base support only enhance its efficiency. The product is very simple to understand and use and is apt for satiating your hunger for food in just a couple of minutes. Of course, as with every purchase on electronics, make sure that you get your product from an authorized and well known dealer to ensure the product’s genuineness.

Best Prestige sandwich maker

Prestige has been a household name for all things kitchen in India and is touted to be the manufacturer of the most safe and top quality products. Sandwich makers from the brand also promise to provide you the same qualities along with comfort and convenience. The sandwich makers are made with the understanding that today’s generation do not have the necessary time to make and maintain the kitchen equipments, which is the reason for these makes to come with the nonstick coatings and easy to use features.

Models of sandwich makers

Prestige sandwich makers can be broadly classified into,

  1. Single sandwich maker (grill and plain) (Ex:-PSMFB, PSSFB)
  2. Double sandwich maker (grill and plain) (Ex:- PGMFB, Commercial grill toaster)

In both the models, you will get multiple makes each superior in its own manner in terms of the feature and the pricing also varies accordingly. The PGMFS 700W works in similarity to its counterpart Prestige Electric Commercial Grill Toaster (Steel) and yet the latter is expensive for its steel make and ample space than the PGMFS model.  Also the PGMFS though it promises to fit in two sandwiches can actually fit only one large sandwich bread set unlike the steel one. Similarly there are some slight disparities which makes one better than the other. One has to really delve deeper into the features to see if it meets their requirements before buying a product.

Features of Prestige sandwich makers

Being a household brand, there is definitely a lot of benefits one can derive by using the brand and some of these features are common across the multiple models.

  • All the models are designed to ensure that they fit into any model and any type of kitchen without standing out glaringly.
  • Often coated in black color, these models are sleek and elegant.
  • The griller models like PGMFB allows you to not just grill breads but also other food like paneer, fish and chicken.
  • Nonstick coating on the grilling or the sandwich plates to make sure that no food particle gets stuck onto the surface of the machine.
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain.
  • LED indicators in most models to let you know when the sandwich is ready.

Apart from these there are a few features which are unique to certain models. For instance, the Prestige PGMFB 800W comes with a adjustable height for the plates making it even more easier to clean. You will need to check out the individual product features to understand it better.

What goes wrong?

Like every coin has a flip side, so does the sandwich makers from Prestige. Some of these models have not fared well in the customer’s view for various reasons. Some of the key factors which you will want to pay attention when purchasing these products include,

  • The cords to connect to the power outlet are generally of a shorter length. So you will need an extension cord if your power outlet is not close to your sandwich maker.
  • The body of the sandwich makers where it is composed of plastic is not of the best quality.
  • The customer service is not in par with the industry standards.
  • The single sandwich makers are not big enough to fit in larger sandwich breads.
  • All of them are only sandwich makers/grillers and hence if you want a plain toast, you will need a toaster for the same.
  • The plates are fixed and cannot be detached for cleaning.

All the models of Prestige sandwich maker requires you to handle them with care to ensure that the nonstick coating doesn’t come off easily or too soon. Of course, of all the complaints and reviews, there has never been one on any kind of safety compromise which is quite promising too. Research well and order from a trusted place to ensure that you get the right product of the right quality.