Nova Sandwich maker

Nova is a company which vows to provide quality appliances for the kitchens all over the world. Their products have always been innovative and are quite known for their efficiency and productivity. Being a global player in the industry, they are well recognized for meeting the needs of every customer across the globe. And among the multiple different appliances for the kitchen, Nova also makes top class sandwich makers. Their products come in a very elegant eye catchy design destined to blend into your kitchen while not occupying too much of a space.

Let us take a look at some of the main features of these sandwich makers from Nova.

  1. Vertical storage: More often than not consumers put off the purchase of any appliance for they don’t have the sufficient storage space to keep them. With the Nova sandwich makers, this worry is completely eliminated as all of their products can be lifted with ease and stored vertically occupying as little space as possible.
  2. Nonstick coating: Another constant worry that plagues the cooks or the people who maintain a home is the cleaning. And Nova definitely ensures that you don’t spend anymore than required in the kitchen by offering nonstick coating on all their sandwich makers which hardly requires a simple tissue wipe off for cleaning. Also the nonstick coating implies that there is no need for butter, oil or any form of greasing to make your sandwich crisp and tasty.
  3. Powerful performance: All of the sandwich makers from Nova make use of high Wattage which helps make sandwiches faster and ensure that you are on your way to work or study with a content mind and a full stomach. Even the simplest Nova NGS comes with 1000W.
  4. Safety must: Another factor that many of us look forward to in a sandwich maker is their ability to keep the user safe. In that context, Nova does bring the locking facility for the lid with the heating plates and a cool to touch handle even when the unit is on to make sure that you stay safe while your sandwich is being made for you.
  5. Temp control: Most of these are quite common among the leading brand of Sandwich makers like the Philips, Prestige, etc. What really makes Nova stand out is their innovation and technique which you can find in none other. This is easily seen with the temperature control knob that you will find in the models like Nova NT 233 HDG. So you can now tune the crispiness to your likes with this sandwich maker.

Nova has been quite unique in providing excellent customer oriented products and is well known for it across the globe. They have clear understanding on what the consumer desires and this is evident in the Nova NT 233 which comes with expandable plates. So now you can have your fill of sandwich with as many fillings you want.

And when there is light, there has to be a shadow and in case of Nova, the only shadow is the fact that their models are designed for European kitchens and hence feature a European plug point. This can be easily sorted out with a simple adapter.  Rest assured, the Nova Sandwich makers are indeed a great addition to your kitchen.