Philips HD2394 Panini Maker Reviews

With an easy to carry handle, cord winder to keep the cords tucked in, this elegant and sleek looking model from Philips definitely spells modern art in the kitchen. But is it a good investment for a sandwich maker?

Philips HD2394 Panini Maker Reviews

The Philips HD2394 Panini Maker, or in simple words a grill sandwich maker, is all you would want in your kitchen for a yummylicious breakfast. The black model with the LED indicators to know when the bread is done is easy to use and easy to clean. The cut and seal plates can house up to 4 small breads or two small sandwiches at one time. And it is not just sandwiches that you can make but you can treat yourself to other snacks as well with this.


  • The push down lock system to keep the sandwich intact while cooking.
  • Non stick coating to make cleaning easy.
  • Handle is cool to touch even when the machine has handled high temperatures.
  • Rubber feet to keep the machine in place when working.


  • Can fit only small bread slices so if you have to make large sandwich breads then you have to make one sandwich at a time or opt for the HD2388 model.
  • The cord length is not good enough which seems to be the case in many sandwich makers of various brands.

A sturdy product made of eco friendly materials, this Panini maker heats up quickly as you can note from the LED indicator on top. Your sandwiches are ready within a span of 4 minutes and with the cord neatly tucked away, you can store the machine vertically anywhere. The only thing to bear in mind is that as the wire runs below the machine, you may want to ensure that it is not subjected to the heat of the machine while working.