Pigeon Sandwich maker

Pigeon is a brand known for providing solutions to ease up the kitchen work in every household with its modern cookware and appliances. They have everything under their banner from chimneys to a simple juicer and most of their products are in the easily affordable range. This flagship brand from Stovekraft Pvt Ltd is one of the largest manufacturers of kitchen appliances in the country and the sandwich makers from the brand are one of its kinds too.

If you are looking for a cheaper and yet a quality sandwich maker, then your best bet would be to check out the options from the Pigeon. Known for modern innovative machines to enhance your kitchen experience, these sandwich makers come at an unbelievable price and features,

  1. Safe and user friendly features with nonstick coated plates for easy cleaning.
  2. Sturdy heat resistant material in the make.
  3. Lesser oil consumption ensuring a healthy breakfast or a brunch or even a simple supper.
  4. Provides you the freedom to use different kind of breads and either toast or grill them as you need.
  5. Anti skid feet to ensure that the machine doesn’t get pushed off while heating.
  6. A lid lock system to keep the heat from spilling out while the sandwich is cooking and also ensuring the safety of the user.
  7. Cord winder available to wind up the machine when not in use and store it compact.
  8. One year warranty available from the manufacturer.
  9. Unique pre-heating option to heat up the appliance prior to making sandwich so that you can make your sandwiches in even lesser time.

Elegant finish and available in colors like orange, you also get to enjoy a faster cooking time with these sandwich makers. Of course there are a few points that you need to note in reference to these sandwich makers like,

  1. Plastic body is not exactly durable for a longer duration with prolonged usage and hence you would want to consider the one with the steel body.
  2. Grill plates are fixed. But given the nonstick coating you should not be feeling a lot of pressure cleaning the plates even without removing them.
  3. Might be a tough task fitting in large sandwich breads but is a easy fit for regular size breads used mostly in the houses.

When it comes to cheaper household appliances, no one can beat the price offered by Pigeon and it is the same for these sandwich makers too. And the features are not compromised in any manner and they competed on par with the many industry leaders too. It would be wise to ensure that you order the product from a known and trusted dealer so that you are not cheated with a cheap replacement or you are robbed off the promised warranty.