Best Prestige sandwich maker

Prestige has been a household name for all things kitchen in India and is touted to be the manufacturer of the most safe and top quality products. Sandwich makers from the brand also promise to provide you the same qualities along with comfort and convenience. The sandwich makers are made with the understanding that today’s generation do not have the necessary time to make and maintain the kitchen equipments, which is the reason for these makes to come with the nonstick coatings and easy to use features.

Models of sandwich makers

Prestige sandwich makers can be broadly classified into,

  1. Single sandwich maker (grill and plain) (Ex:-PSMFB, PSSFB)
  2. Double sandwich maker (grill and plain) (Ex:- PGMFB, Commercial grill toaster)

In both the models, you will get multiple makes each superior in its own manner in terms of the feature and the pricing also varies accordingly. The PGMFS 700W works in similarity to its counterpart Prestige Electric Commercial Grill Toaster (Steel) and yet the latter is expensive for its steel make and ample space than the PGMFS model.  Also the PGMFS though it promises to fit in two sandwiches can actually fit only one large sandwich bread set unlike the steel one. Similarly there are some slight disparities which makes one better than the other. One has to really delve deeper into the features to see if it meets their requirements before buying a product.

Features of Prestige sandwich makers

Being a household brand, there is definitely a lot of benefits one can derive by using the brand and some of these features are common across the multiple models.

  • All the models are designed to ensure that they fit into any model and any type of kitchen without standing out glaringly.
  • Often coated in black color, these models are sleek and elegant.
  • The griller models like PGMFB allows you to not just grill breads but also other food like paneer, fish and chicken.
  • Nonstick coating on the grilling or the sandwich plates to make sure that no food particle gets stuck onto the surface of the machine.
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain.
  • LED indicators in most models to let you know when the sandwich is ready.

Apart from these there are a few features which are unique to certain models. For instance, the Prestige PGMFB 800W comes with a adjustable height for the plates making it even more easier to clean. You will need to check out the individual product features to understand it better.

What goes wrong?

Like every coin has a flip side, so does the sandwich makers from Prestige. Some of these models have not fared well in the customer’s view for various reasons. Some of the key factors which you will want to pay attention when purchasing these products include,

  • The cords to connect to the power outlet are generally of a shorter length. So you will need an extension cord if your power outlet is not close to your sandwich maker.
  • The body of the sandwich makers where it is composed of plastic is not of the best quality.
  • The customer service is not in par with the industry standards.
  • The single sandwich makers are not big enough to fit in larger sandwich breads.
  • All of them are only sandwich makers/grillers and hence if you want a plain toast, you will need a toaster for the same.
  • The plates are fixed and cannot be detached for cleaning.

All the models of Prestige sandwich maker requires you to handle them with care to ensure that the nonstick coating doesn’t come off easily or too soon. Of course, of all the complaints and reviews, there has never been one on any kind of safety compromise which is quite promising too. Research well and order from a trusted place to ensure that you get the right product of the right quality.