Prestige PSSFB 500-Watt Sandwich Maker Toaster Review

Do you love the flame broiled sandwiches? Then you would definitely appreciate this easy to use sandwich maker from the renowned Prestige brand. It is a solitary sandwich maker and is definitely a boon for those who are looking for a quick fix for breakfast. Except for the fact that you cannot make more than one sandwich at a time, all of the functionalities and features of this sandwich maker is the same as its twin sandwich counterparts. The surface of the machine is made of nonstick coating which ensures that the bread or the fillings do not get stuck onto the surface making it easier to clean.

Prestige PSSFB 500-Watt Sandwich Maker Toaster Review


  • Single sandwich maker fit for a single person’s breakfast.
  • The bread doesn’t burn even if you do forget to switch off the machine.
  • Comfortable and easy to use and simple to clean.


  • Not apt for larger breads or for more than one person.
  • No auto switch off function.

If you are a working woman/man living alone and is not too keen on making an elaborate breakfast, then this would probably be a good option to take home. However the sandwich size breads may not fit into the toaster which could be a problem. It would be of a better use if you buy the double sandwich maker where you can easily fit in larger bread sizes. The price while lower is not extremely so when compared to the PSMFB or the PGMFB models which also have the same features and are only slightly high priced.