Zerodha Kite Mobile App Review


Zerodha Kite Mobile App Overview

Stock Broking industry’s renowned stock broker Zerodha, with different online initiatives, is providing a unique trading experience to its users.  Being a pioneer in India discount broking, they have come up with many algorithm based technology analysis tool and educational portals that is pretty much popular similar to their most opted Zerodha Kite Mobile App.

zerodha kite review

 Mobile trading App of Zerodha- Kite, a well-structured trading app with a most intuitively designed interface is what we look upon now.


1) Immense features to enjoy

2) User interface is perfectly designed

3) Better performance


1) Needs improvement in usability

2) Smaller cities experience not a better connectivity.

Download and Install Zerodha Kite Mobile App:

To start using the app, you need to download and install the app from the app store to your phone. Carrying just 10.6 MB, it will not occupy much of the space of your smartphone which is very much not similar to other apps that might consume up to 55 MB of space. After the download and install process is done completely, punch in the required information that the app asks you then log in to the app.

We have picked up the latest app status from all the app stores and here they are

1) The number of installs of this app is around 500, 000.

2) Overall rating review received for this app  4 stars.

3) The negative rating percentage that has been received is 11%

4) The Mobile app size is 10.6 MB.

Features of  Zerodha Kite Mobile App:

Here are the features of the app that would delight you the most

1) The most interesting feature of Multiple market watch has been added till 5.

2) With less fuss, simple minimalist User interface with either black or white backgrounds are available in this app.

3) This App works great even in low internet bandwidth.

4) Enjoy the different charts with options for choosing time range too and they are Bars, Mountain, Candle stick, Colored Bar, Line, Basline Delta and Hollow Candle.

5) Around 80 types of indicators can be added effectively for technical analysis by users and they are MACD, Darvas Box, Alligator, Moving Average, Bollinger Brands and Stochastics.

6) Options available for Positional order, stock loss market order, cover order, bracker order, etc.

7) Effectively do funds transfer and management in the app.

8) An option of looking at your current position of stocks and respective profits.

9) Easily delete the Scrips by swiping from right to left in market watch segment.

10) Preferences can be easily set for a customised notifications and alerts.

11) Drawing tools to draw effectively.

12) A single tap is enough to buy and sell your orders irrespective of your location in navigation flow.

Some of the concerns using the  Zerodha Kite Mobile App:

Here is the list of concerns that arises from this application

1) If the client is using Reliance Jio, he/she might experience connectivity issues.

2) One feature that needs here but is missing is Margin calculator feature.

3) Needs an improvised payment gateway.

Interesting facts about  Zerodha Kite Mobile App:

1) interestingly there are around 5 million transactions happening every day through this popular app.

2) The most interesting Market watch feature is running at only 0.5kb/sec.

3) This app is available in multiple languages (totally 11 languages)

We hope that this article is pretty much useful to you and we will soon be adding our video demo and review of the mobile app. Stay tuned for more interesting information and subscriptions.