Zerodha PI Trading platform review

What is Zerodha PI?

An innovative trading platform from Zerodha, the PI has distinctive features in backtesting, charting and other different aspects of the Indian stock market.

What is Zerodha PI Bridge and how much it cost per month?

The objective of the PI Bridge from Zerodha and the Tradelab is to provide the traders with unrelenting and trustworthy connectivity to the meta trader MQL or the Ninja Trader Ninjascript or to the AmiBroker/ AFL programming tools with PI trade engine. The aspect where the Zerodha PI can fire commands over the charting tool and get the response through the bridge is the first of its kind in the trading arena. The access to the PI Bridge is available for free on a trial basis for a week after which you have to pay about 300 rupees for every month of usage.

What is back testing and how it works?

It is the process where you test a strategy on historical price or historical data to check its effectiveness. You would be able to ascertain whether that said strategy will yield you a profit or a loss over a period of time.

The new PI system is designed to provide you with the option to test this across multiple systems and in multiple markets, including stocks, commodities, etc. Most importantly you can do so in a few minutes only. There is also the indicator builders which helps you to make your own indicators, trading strategy and test them on it.

You will be able to find only the summarized outcome, profit or loss, of a particular time using the back testing option. This will not include the broker commission or the tax or the slippage. You will need to provide three varying data inputs for using it. These inputs are the system of trading, the product which is being tested, and of course the time period for conducting the test.

What are the key features and advantages of Zerodha PI trading platform?


  • As far as speed is concerned, this will be the fasted of its kind with faster updates and lesser use of bandwidth.
  • It is also trading in every exchange

Key features

  • Easy and fast to connect
  • Better watch on the market
    • A snapshot view to know the performance of the market or the product in the market.
  • There are best 5 offers and best 5 bids.
  • Positions available at day wise
  • You can place an order by simply clicking on the bid.

Admin position

  • Either mark to mark or total P&L
  • Tools for charting are much stronger.
    • Contract based charting
    • Option to choose the time frame
    • 10 type of charts
    • 18 type of indicators
    • Easy placement of order directly from the chart.

Customization of user settings

  • 14 distinctive themes to choose from.
  • Arranging more than one window
  • Multiple monitor capability
  • Sound alert
  • Watch on market
  • Window for order from chart
  • Refreshing the chart with the reconcile button
  • Keys on shortcut

Order book

  • Cancellation of all orders in a click
  • Position of stockholding
  • Index box on market popping up on the monitor

Alert and AI software

  • Scanners
  • Back testing
  • Strategies – expert assistance
  • Supporting scripts on trade

Tracking bracket orders live

Using the bridge with Metatrade or Amibroker to enjoy semi-automated trade.

And there are more features for your use.

Conclusion: The tool for charting is greatly impressive, especially on the analysis it offers to the traders on the platform. The back testing is also an asset with both technical and research analysis. Faster in speed and lesser use of bandwidth has made this a tool to notice. Sign in to Zerodha now and enjoy this innovative trading platform.